Θερμική Ηλιακή Αφαλάτωση: Εφαρμογές της ηλιακής ενέργειας στην αφαλάτωση

Researchers' Night

Visits from schools


  1. Utilisable areas (Total area: 3000 m2, Buildings of special specifications, Testing facilities: 250 m2 indoor and 2000 m2 outdoor).
  2. Installation for testing according to ISO 9806-1 / EN 12975-2 (Efficiency tests in solar collectors): Electric heaters, cooling machines and heat exchangers, frames for placing collectors under test and operation control unit. The installation is capable of testing four solar collectors simultaneously.
  3. Installation for testing according to ISO 9806-2 / EN 12975-2 (Qualification tests in solar collectors): Apparatus for internal pressure test, high temperature resistance test, internal thermal shock test, exposure and external thermal shock test, rain penetration test.
  4. Installation for testing according to ISO 9459-2 / EN 12976-2 (Performance tests in domestic solar hot water systems): Electrical heaters and cooling machine for producing and keeping water in constant temperature and two water tanks, frames for placing solar systems under test and fans, control system hydraulic, electrical and electronic elements.
  5. Adiabatic chambers for testing of air-conditioners, fan-coils and heat-pumps according to ISO 5151.
  6. Installation for determination of steady-state thermal resistance and related properties of thermal insulation materials according to ISO 8302 (Guarded hot-plate apparatus).
  7. Instrument calibration facilities: Thermostatic bath and portable thermostatic oven for calibration of liquid and air temperature sensors, dead-weight tester and portable air pump for calibration of liquid and air pressure sensors, installation for calibration of flowmeters, installation for calibration of pyranometers.
  8. Installation for characterization of thermal storage tanks according to EN 12897 (heat exchanger performance and standing heat loses).
  9. Experimental setup for thermohydraulic investigation of heat exchange devices for medium temperatures( > 100 oC)
  10. Decentralized system for the automatic operation of control and data gathering processes of the testing installations and also for other running experiments in the Lab, consisting of computing units, ethernet networks, data acquisition systems capable of controlling more than 500 input channels and 100 output channels. Input channels receive analog signals from calibrated sensors, transducers, e.t.c.
  11. Software for CFD simulations (in-house developed and commercial) and software for solar collectors and solar systems simulation.