Θερμική Ηλιακή Αφαλάτωση: Εφαρμογές της ηλιακής ενέργειας στην αφαλάτωση

Researchers' Night

Visits from schools


The Laboratory of Solar & other Energy Systems of NCSR “D” contributes to the educational activities of the Center with the Action:

“The Sun as an Energy Source : how we can exploit solar radiation”

This action includes guided tours in the premises of the Laboratory but also presentation of an exhibition item (showcase) with smaller-scale models (3D printer output) and photographs of solar systems, located within a permanent exhibition at the Library of the Center. Both during the tour of the Laboratory, as well as by visiting the exhibition the students may observe and be informed about the following solar-energy utilization products and technologies :

  • Parabolic-Trough Concentrating Solar Collector
  • Linear-Focus Fresnel-Reflector Concentrating Solar Collector
  • Point-Focus Fresnel-Lens Concentrating Solar Collector
  • Solar-Dish type Concentrating Solar Collector
  • Energy-autonomous Building “Prometheus Pyrforos” (“Prometheus the Fire-Carrier”)

The purpose of these educational actions is the familiarization of students with the importance of exploitation of renewable energy sources such as solar energy, given that this is a challenge of strategic importance, particularly for countries which enjoy an abundance of sunshine such as Greece.


The Laboratory, besides publications in scientific journals and conference proceedings, promotes its activities by organizing one-day seminars or participating in exhibitions and seminars organized by others.

One-day seminars are organized by SESL on several occasions, such as upon completion of a significant research project, or the signing of a cooperation agreement for conducting targeted research with an industrial company active in the field of solar-energy utilization or energy-savings products etc.

Besides, the Laboratory has at times promoted its activities by presenting its own showcase in the Exhibition Area (Pavilion) of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT) at the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair.

Photographs from various dissemination actions of the Laboratory: